Website terms of use

What information we collect

1. The data from the app

The app collects data and information about your driving behaviour and that of any named drivers. Unless you buy a car insurance policy from us, this information is not personal, as you do not need to register or enter any personal details into the app. If you decide to buy a car insurance policy from us, the app will enable all information and data that is collected to be directly linked to your car insurance policy. Some of the information the app collects includes: your vehicle registration and insurance policy number (if you choose to buy an insurance policy from us), the direction you are driving, date, time, latitude, longitude and speed. This information is needed to help us determine how, when, and where you are driving your car, in order to provide you with a fairer insurance premium. If we did not collect this data, we would be unable to determine your driving behaviour and therefore would be unable to offer you our Drivology car insurance product. This information is collected and stored by us or by third parties (sub-contractors) on our behalf. By taking out a car insurance policy with Drivology, you agree to share this personal information with us. When you contact us, you agree we may keep and use records of that communication.

2. Your personal details 

We’ll collect your name, address, email address, medical data and any other information that you input into the website, the app, or supply to us, to allow us to provide you with a quote. We need to collect and process personal data about you to allow us to provide our services. We also need to disclose this information to a number of third party service providers, to assist us in providing these services to you. By using our website, you confirm your consent to such data being processed by ourselves or any third party providers (sub-contractors) we may use.

3. Your preferences and website behaviour

We will collect data from your visit to our website, such as which pages you visit, which links you click on and any other user data that is captured by the analytics software and cookies that we use.

You can view our full Privacy Policy here.